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Jim Lumento (NMLS No. 127561) is the President of State Finance Company., Inc. Jim established State Finance Company in 1983 with a goal to provide honest mortgage origination services in the best interest of Connecticut's consumers. Over the course of the past 31 years, Jim and his clients have experienced the cyclical nature of the real estate market, but in good or bad times, Jim has always provided the same top quality professional service consistent with his professionalism reputation and standing in the community. Jim's clients return to him again and again, for all their mortgage needs, and sometimes bringing children and grandchildren when purchasing their own homes. Jim has never diminished the level of respect and gratitude he feels toward his clients. In fact his clients call him friend and for Jim, the sentiment is mutual.

 Steven Geryk (NMLS NUMBER 91523) is a senior loan originator at State Finance Company., and brings 24 years of mortgage origination experience to the team. Over the years Steven has served the mortgage needs of hundreds of clients all over Connecticut, particular in the Stafford area and surrounding communities. Steven's clients come back again and again for their personal mortgage needs as well as recommended him to their friends and colleagues. Steven is a professional who goes the extra mile to provide exceptional service to his clients.

State Finance Company, Inc. (NMLS NUMBER 56292) has always complied with the policies and procedures of our lender communit, and all consumer protection laws, rules and regulations. Our philosophy has always been to ensure that the loan is in the best interest of the consumer. The 2014 consumer protection laws implemented by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the banking laws of the State of Connecticut, mirror what has always been our our bedrock principles.  For example, the Ability to Repay Rule requires a mortgage loan originator to take reasonable steps to determine whether the consumer can afford to repay the loan. Also the Qualified Mortgage Rule which requires originators to originate safe and sound mortgages that protect consumers. We have lived up to these "new" principles for the last 31 years, and as a result, State Finance Company, Inc. has enjoyed a well earned reputation for prudent and high quality mortgage loan origination, as well as thoroughly satisfied customers.

State Finance Company would like to be your mortgage company of choice.  Our wide array of available mortgage programs through our select lender community includes, Conventional mortgages, Jumbo Mortgages, FHA mortgages, V.A. mortgages, 203k FHA mortgages and USDA mortgages. Certain programs require as little as 3.5% down payment and some do not require a down payment. There are some programs that may include your closing costs as well.  Loan programs will depend on availability, applicant qualification and underwriting guidelines. We encourage you to complete an online application to determine which program you may qualify for. Let our professional team work hard for you to get you the mortgage loan you need. Call us today!